Whether accelerating financial transactions, modeling more molecules faster, or creating automated and more accurate inspection solutions, AI can bring your organization competitive benefits and new revenue sources. Acting quickly is key to maximizing these advantages. DDN’s A3I solutions supply scalable AI infrastructure that fast-track all stages of acquisition and deployment to give customers near-instant access to increased productivity and supercomputing-level performance.

“Historically in HPC we’ve been able to interlink tons of computers and resource them together to accomplish these very demanding compute tasks. Being able to do this now at the enterprise, it’s even more critical for IT centers that may not have a background in HPC. Building out these types of solutions is key for them to be able to achieve a lot of these business objectives.” – Matt DuBell, WWT

In this fireside chat, supercomputing experts from DDN and WWT connect to discuss how you can build your AI-optimized infrastructure in just a few weeks.

Topics include:

  • The complexities of building an AI infrastructure
  • Why scalable solutions are imperative for business success
  • Considerations to make during planning
  • How to de-risk your investment and accelerate your ROI

Time is money, so get in the fast lane to AI today.


James Coomer, Senior VP of Products at DDN

Matt Dubell, Principal Systems Engineer for Business Analytics at World Wide Technology

Yoni Malchi, Managing Director of Business Analytics at World Wide Technology

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